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wikd story

wikd story

Wikd is Helping refugee artisans start their work by bringing them together as a team to upcycling furniture waste and decoration and take the right parts of high quality such as wood, sponge, iron,leather and fabric and anything else suitable for decorating, furnishing, creation of artistic artifacts, leather bags. And many other things with high quality and good price.
But wikd gives them the opportunity to put their skills in use on the field and to start contributing to the local community and society.
It will also become a place where they will receive language training so as to integrate better, and interact with their customers.
We will be looking for wasted furnitures. At your call, your old furnitures will be collected by the wikd team and then it will be transported to our workshop to be upcycled by our craftmen. They will reuse as many useful parts as possible, like the good pieces of wood, fabric, sponge. In the end of the Wikd team process,


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  • Meibloemstraat 18, Gent, Belgium

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